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Winter Walk Sunday 13 October 2013 - Venue and Entry Form Available - click here

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RAFWARMA organises trips to overseas events, depending on sufficient interest trips run to the following events most years.

Please also take a look at our Links page, as this has details of other overseas walks which are taking place, although it is not planned to organise a trip to them.

Winter Walk

The Winter Walk will take place on Sunday 30 September 2012.

St Mary's Church Hall, The Market Square, Sandbach, Cheshire. CW11 1AT
Park at The Commons Car Park CW11 1EG (By Fire/Ambulance Station)
Directions provided in Entry For

To go to the 2012 entry form on a Web Page - click here ENTRY FORM AVAILABLE

To get the 2012 entry form as a MS Word document - click here ENTRY FORM AVAILABLE

Checkpoint 2 will be at Miola’s café. Miola’s is just over 6km on the 10/20km route and about halfway round on the 30km route.

To save time on arrival, you can pre-order food, either to eat in or takeaway. A variety of Cakes and refreshments will be available on the day and can be ordered on arrival.

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